on Wednesday November 4, 2020 at 12:30pm at Life In Christ Church…

Dear Pastors & Ministry Leaders:
We have had 20-25 pastors and leaders come out for our prayer meetings the past two months; a sign that coming together in person was being missed during the past 6 months. Well, we are meeting again on November 4 for a post-election meeting. Pastor Norman Carlisle will be hosting us at their church, Life in Christ, 51 Hillmond St., Bethlehem. We will have a testimony from Pastor Larry Humberd and some short worship if we can get a musician to the meeting. 

Again, there will be no food served until we get an “all clear” from this pandemic. Please mask on the way in and on the way out. No masking required during the meeting. The meeting will start at 12:30 due to another activity taking place at the church. 

The winner may not be able to be determined on Nov. 3 so we may be praying for the ongoing ballot counting. Hope you can join with us for an hour where we can see each other face to face. 
Bless you all, 

Dick Kovach

President, STP

Psalm 91